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New single from MC Rhymes coming soon.


audio video for the single cold blooded off of the "Stuck in my own thoughts album"

About the artist

About the Artist

Marshall John Coar (MC Rhymes) is an American Rapper, songwriter, and record producer from Detroit, Michigan. He is known for his first ever studio album, Stuck In My Own Thoughts, was released on JuneĀ 20, 2019. "I want to be one of those Rappers that makes a change with good music i want to help people that feel that they have nothing or feel like they are alone because you are never alone that's why I'm here i want to help people through things because I've been through a lot myself" That's his reason why he wants to get big one day to not use the money for greed or bad for drugs or alcohol but he wants to make a change with his voice and his songs to help those that are going through things because he has been down that road also so he knows what and what not to say

MC Rhymes has been through many struggles in his life, he lost his father at the age of 4 years old and now dealing with his loss he has been suicidal and also has Bi-Polar. He does music as a distraction from trying to hurt himself, he also does music for his fans for anyone that can relate to what he has been through. He see's a better future for everyone and wants to help people with his music Welcome to the story of MC Rhymes!

MC Rhymes owns/founded his own label (Unwoken Records) in 2018 and continues to make lots of music and looking for smaller artists to sign and help them get their name out.

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